Another Satisfied Client

Another Satisfied Client

Hi Dave,

The 56 Dodge Sierra wagon arrived last weekend at the Pilot auto transfer warehouse. I was notified yesterday and since it was raining I waited until today to pick it up. Wendy and I were very pleased with it on first sight and once we both drove it and tested the various functions we were even more pleased with the overall condition of the car. The Air conditioning work you did worked very well and looked great especially considering the space in it up to deal just fine with the draw the A/C puts on the engine. It keeps running strong without a hiccup.

Overall you under represented and over delivered as just you said you would.  We are now able to confidently take it on the road and with a little help from good weather we may even be driving in the world famous "Woodward cruise" this coming weekend.

Wendy drove it home from Pilot. I took it to the bank in town for my first drive. Shortly thereafter and it was well received by the locals here. There aren't many Dodges in this GM town so its nice that it gets so that it is. I'm sure we'll enjoy it for many years to come. We will certainly recommend you highly to all who show interest and I'm leaving your sticker/ phone number on the rear window.

Regards and thanks again!

Mark and Wendy W